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The McAleenan Training Center is run by Pete and Barry McAleenan who together encompass more than four decades of riding and training. Their backgrounds include competing in both English and western show venues as well as ranch work and wrangling.

Pete McAleenan - horse trainer
Pete's lifelong attachment to horses led to a long, successful, and varied professional career. He has wrangled for motion pictures, played polo, and trained horses for ranch work. He has won multiple show arena championships in reining, stock horse, cutting, dressage, and jumping. Years as an independent trainer of all breeds included an extensive curriculum of horsemanship clinics and seminars emphasizing effective methods and approaches in horsemastership expressed as "Truth in Training."
Barry McAleenan - horse trainer
Horses have been a part of Barry's life for as long as he can remember. He started working young horses for his dad while in his teens and learned the basics for developing a well-trained horse. Barry extended his education while employed at various ranches and working with several trainers and clinicians. He also competed in the show ring for a number of years. With thirty years of experience training all types of horses, he still finds it tremendously satisfying to school a horse to a high level of ability, athleticism, and trust. He then works with their owners to transfer his training knowledge and to help build harmony between horse and owner.

Pete and Barry do all the training; they don't delegate it to assistants. The McAleenan training philosophy is to create a horse and rider connection with a strong foundation for any type of activity.

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"Truth in Training"
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